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Rapid Deployment of Remote Work

Updated: Mar 25

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is now scrambling for health and safety. The real estate industry is currently facing significant challenges:

  • New leases and renewals are in limbo, especially in retail and office sectors

  • Potential tenant bankruptcies are on horizon

  • Construction projects are in flux

  • Investors, buyers and sellers are treading with uncertainty

  • Supply chain is disrupted

Although all real estate segments are impacted, some like hospitality and retail will be hit harder than others like warehousing and industrial. Some may even flourish, like healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. From a risk management standpoint, each organization has to put in place its mitigation actions and contingencies to navigate through these rough waters, and make some difficult decisions.

With the far reaching impact of this pandemic, companies now more than ever, know the importance of equipping their workforce with the tools they need to work remotely and be productive. Many large cities are now locked down and people aren't allowed to go to offices. More cities may be locked down in coming days or weeks.

  • Although most real estate organizations are using cloud based productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365, are routine business processes enabled via automated workflows? This can help ensure that the organization has visibility and control of its staff workload.

  • Companies also need to assess whether, under current circumstances, their infrastructure is reliable, especially if they are using self hosted or private cloud based server infrastructure. For example, would your on-premises server infrastructure remain live, while your IT staff may be unable to perform physical maintenance of it? You may be better off with a reliable cloud platform such as Microsoft's Azure or Amazon's AWS for your server and cloud infrastructure hosting, rather than self hosting or hosting with a local data center.

How we can help

Some of our new real estate clients are scrambling to rapidly enable work-from-home options to carry out their routine business processes that once relied on paper. For our existing customers we have already begun to expand our digital CRES workflow management solution that leverages the power of Office 365 to initiate routine business processes of any type; store, organize and efficiently route requests and documents to the appropriate parties for reviews, approvals, and signatures. Thus empowering teams to work seamlessly from their home offices.

If you'd like to quickly migrate your on-premises or private cloud servers to the robust and reliable platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, we are already doing so for some customers. You can either leverage our Managed IT Services or utilize our CIO Services to manage it as a migration project.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the virus. Humans are resilient and shall rebound from this tragedy. We know this is a challenging time and will have far reaching consequences for our industry. We remain committed to the success of our clients, and we are here to help provide the resources you need.

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