At QualIT One, we take a proactive approach to perform routine Preventative Maintenance on devices and systems we support. Its a win win approach, that significantly reduces trouble tickets from customers and causes minimal unplanned interruptions. Our Infrastructure Services are customized for each client’s unique needs and business objectives, with an emphasis on efficiency, confidentiality, and regulatory compliance. Our Infrastructure solutions focus primarily on management of network environments, cyber-security, and server infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure & Environment Management

Network management and monitoring is critical to your business. However, managing components like firewalls, routers, switches, and load balancers can be time consuming and prove to be an ineffective use of internal IT resources. Instead, keeping on top of your network infrastructure—day-to-day network operations and maintenance—can be handled by our team.

Our comprehensive network management services include:

  • Implementation and support of WAN and LAN networks

  • Network discovery and analysis

  • Proactive device monitoring

  • Trouble reporting and resolution

  • Trend usage analysis and capacity planning

  • Network security management

  • Implementation of Network Server Infrastructure in physical or virtual environments


Your business can only run as smoothly as your infrastructure allows. Thus, expertly administered and managed IT systems are a must. We set up servers customized to meet your business systems’ needs, while ensuring the highest level of security, scale-ability, and availability. With our professional support, we pledge that your mission-critical servers will have the latest versions of security patches installed to ensure reliability.

Cyber Security and Compliance

When it comes to Cyber Security, real estate organizations must consider the following questions:

  1. What are the new cyber security risks that could affect your organization?

  2. Does your organization have a cyber security program that is ready to handle the challenges of evolving cyber threats?

  3. To have an effective risk management, what key indicators should you be reviewing at the board or management level?


Our cyber security service keeps your technology environment safe, secure, and in compliance with highest security standards. Our security controls are designed to industry consensus best practices by senior security professionals. We hold security framework to the highest level of operational excellence and best-in-class technology.

For our managed services clients, our cyber security and compliance approach offers:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • DLP policies to help identify and protect your organization's sensitive information.

    • Mobile device management that helps manage mobile access across a wide-range of devices.

  • Data Governance
    • Data management, archive, and retention policies.

  • Threat Management
    • Mail filtering

    • Anti-malware policies

    • Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)

    • Mail quarantine management

    • Third-party, network penetration testing

  • Business Continuity and Crisis Management
    • Facilitate development of organizational business continuity plan

    • Develop recovery plan that includes plan overview, emergency response approach, and systems recovery procedures.

Infrastructure Services

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QualIT One offers free initial consultation for potential clients. This evaluation includes an eight-hour pro bono engagement for current state and ideal future state analysis for the following topics:

  • IT Service Management

  • Technology Evaluation

  • Cybersecurity Analysis

  • Business Process Management

  • Document Management

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