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If you're a real estate industry professional, chances are your organization uses multiple systems and tools, which may not all be integrated with each other. Documents may be scattered across multiple environments, may not be linked to your data, and difficult to share internally or externally. Your organization has to juggle lots of real estate and corporate contracts, without a well integrated contract management system. You or your colleagues need to manage plenty of deadlines related to properties, tenants, loans, and legal entities, but may struggle with staying on top of those critical dates. Business Processes may be manual, flawed, and stuck in departmental silos. Fact is, data silos and inefficient business processes causes frustration and low morale. Meet CRES, our Real Estate Organizational Effectiveness Solution, that could solve all of these problems.

CRES provides a consolidated view of your real estate data, documents, and business processes. By combining your business intelligence data, document management, and core business processes and workflows into one tool, you’ll increase your visibility and see a dramatic improvement in organizational productivity. CRES is built on Microsoft Office 365 platform and Azure web services, and it can integrate with any commonly used property management system, ERP, CRM, or any other cloud based services. Since most real estate organizations are already using or plan to migrate towards Microsoft Office 365, implementing CRES on that platform is easy.

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