Real Estate Portfolio Management

Consolidation of Data, Document Management,

Business Processes, & Business Intelligence

CRES is a suite of real estate solutions that consolidates real estate data, documents, and business processes.

Its a SharePoint application built on Microsoft 365 platform and Azure web services. 

Key Components of CRES

  • Real Estate Document Management

    Robust full life cycle document management. Drag and drop real estate data tagging. Fully integrated with source property management system. Internal and external reviews and signature routing. Wizard driven document extraction for external sharing. Barcode-based automation.

  • Contract


    Manage real estate, loan, and legal entity contracts for departments and vendors. Trigger routine contract alerts based on property and departmental assignments. 

  • Portfolio Management

    Consolidate Real estate portfolio data from source systems. Maintain employee property assignments and external contacts. Conduct Leasing and Disposition Deal Management or any custom real estate business processes. Manage portfolio disclosure announcements. Store portfolio documents. Manage property and tenant issues or work orders

  • Transaction Management

    Acquisition deal management.  Disposition deal management. Refinance deal management. Transaction issues management. Manage disclosures announcements. Store transaction documents. Bulk-import deal documents
    Manage external contacts.

  • Legal Entity Management

    Easily maintain Legal Entity Ownership and Investment Relationships, Officers, Signature Block, Jurisdictions, and Related Properties. Manage Legal Entity Documents. Maintain Legal Entity Contracts. Get Annual Report Due Date Alerts. Manage Legal Entity Tax issues.

  • Loan Management

    Consolidate Loan data from source systems. Track Loan Related Properties.
    Manage loan disclosure announcements.
    Get Loan Critical Date Alerts. Maintain Loan Documents and Loan Contracts. 
    Allows you to track Loan Contacts.

CRES Benefits

Common Platform

CRES leverages Office 365 platform, which most real estate companies already use, making it an easier adoption

Systems Integration

Easier systems integration with any cloud or in house application, utilizing a broad range of connectors


CRES license includes ongoing maintenance of your CRES application, as well as upgrades and enhancements

Data & Document Consolidation

Advanced business intelligence and integrated view of multi-source data, documents, and business processes

Operational Maturity

CRES application model results in operational excellence based on continuous process enhancements and accountability


CRES comes with a well documented help section. We are also available for support and guidance you may need.

Supplemental PMS System

Enhanced productivity by filling feature gaps in traditional ERP systems such as MRI and Yardi 

Open Collaboration

Simplified sharing and collaborating on data and documents with internal or external users


CRES deployment includes customized staff training for relevant departments, and is recorded for new hires

CRES Packages

Portfolio document repository
  • Basic Data Extraction

  • Portfolio Documents Repository

  • Basic Portfolio Management

Detailed Business Process Management
  • Level 2 Data Extraction

  • Portfolio & Legal Life cycle Document and Contract Management

  • Standard Portfolio Management

  • Debt Management

  • Legal Entity Management

  • Leasing Deal Management

  • Interactive BI

Standard Life cycle document management
  • Level 1 Data Extraction

  • Portfolio Life cycle Document Management

  • Standard Portfolio Management

Complete Business Process Management
  • Level 3 Data Extraction

  • Portfolio, Legal, & Transaction Lifecycle Document and Contract Management

  • Standard Portfolio Management

  • Debt Management

  • Legal Entity Management

  • Leasing Deal Management

  • Transaction Management

  • Interactive BI

  • Virtual Assistant Integration

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